Frequently Asking Questions

What kind of computer equipment and Internet access do I need to view the media previews?

Users need high-speed Internet connection (DSL or cable, no dial-up) and audio capabilities (sound card) to accommodate streaming audio and video. If user has an Apple computer, Internet Explorer and Windows Media 9 are needed and can be obtained at no charge. Public libraries in larger cities usually have high speed Internet access, but may have a time limit as to how long user can be on their computers.

I can't log in.

If your having trouble logging into the application first check that your typing in your user name and password correctly. Verify that your caps lock key is not on. If you continue to have problems, try resetting your password - use the "Forgot Password" button and a new password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive your password in a few minutes and have reset it more than once contact the system administrator using the contact page available on this web site. There may have been trouble sending you an email for some reason.

I can't see the videos. What media player do I need to have installed to view the videos?

Please try downloading and (re)installing the latest version of Windows Media Player. You can get it free from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/player/download/download.aspx. It is possible that updates or other software/utilities you may have recently installed has caused your computer to be unable to access the media files.

If the Windows Media Player installation/update doesn't solve the problem and you're using Internet Explorer, the issue might be resolved by downloading and installing a different web browser. You can get Mozilla Firefox for free at http://www.getfirefox.com -- after installing, please try logging into your account to view your videos using Firefox.

The video doesn't play or takes a long time to buffer.

The videos are intended to be streamed using a highspeed internet connection. Using a slow connection will cause the video to not play properly. If the videos frequently buffer, then it means that you are not maintaining a fast enough connection to our servers to watch our videos. Please contact your network administrator. We do not support dialup connections.

Can I fast forward or rewind the video?

You can fast forward, rewind, pause, stop and restart the video using the controls in the player. To use the fast forward or rewind buttons, you simply need to press the buttons and release them. Press them again to stop the fast forwarding or rewinding and resume normal play. You will need to let the video buffer before you can use these controls.buffer time depends on your connection speed.

Purchase Information

  • Your purchase is made using a credit card through our secure processor: CyberSource. We do not keep your credit card information on file, it is removed after you successfully complete your order. Your credit card number is kept in an encrypted form during the ordering process and during your session so you can edit your card details such as your name, address, city, state, zip and other details about your card.
  • If you have trouble making a purchase, please contact the system administrator. Purchases that do not go through may result in an authorization on your card, which is standard operating procedure in dealing with any credit card purchase. An authorization is not a purchase. It may take 7 to 10 days before an authorization is removed from your card. We have no control over the authorization process, but try our best to make sure you only get charged for what you purchase.
  • We do not sell or distribute this information to anyone.
  • Any information provided that we have on file is in order to contact you if there is a problem so a valid email address, phone and full name are always helpful.

When does system maintenance occur?

System maintenance of the IRIS Education servers may occur on the second Wednesday of the month from 10PM-12AM (PT). If you are logged onto this site during that window you may encounter a brief interruption of service--please try again after 12AM. We appreciate your understanding as we take the necessary steps to ensure our systems are running at peak performance and provide reliable service to our customers.

How does IP address and proxy server authentication work?

You can configure IP addresses of your institution’s network that this website will use to recognize requests for video access. When configured properly, users with an IP address that falls within the list of authorized IP addresses will be granted access to view videos without further authentication. This is ideal for anyone who wishes to access videos from an on-campus location where you can predict what will be the source IP addresses of your users. Authentication is seamless, and the user will never be prompted to login.

In order for users that reside off-campus to have access to videos, your institution must use a proxy server. This is necessary because it is not possible to reliably predict the IP address of someone using a private internet service provider, as IP addresses are assigned dynamically. Using a proxy server gives the appearance to our servers that the off-campus request is coming from a known on-campus IP address. The proxy server handles authentication using some sort of password-protected page, with user credentials usually supplied from a database or directory, such as LDAP.

There are several proxy server solutions available that can be integrated with existing directory services; a popular one is OCLC’s EZproxy. Most institutions with libraries that subscribe to scholarly journals and electronic databases (such as Ebsco, Lexus Nexus, and others) utilize proxy servers to give access to these materials to users from off-campus. The configuration for access to this site from off-campus will be very similar.

Access via off-campus or on-campus from an allowed IP address or proxy server will allow the user to view content from the Institution Access page without logging in, which is a listing of all licensed content with links to view the media. In addition, direct links to the media will also be permitted for use from those allowed IP addresses or proxy servers.

How do I configure IP address authentication for on-campus users?

To configure one or more IP addresses for on-campus access, follow these steps:
  1. Login and then choose the My Account tab.
  2. Click Account Information, and then scroll toward the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Institutional Information, fill in the Authorized IP Address(es). Use the following convention:
    • If a single IP address, enter in the IPv4 dotted-decimal format of
    • Wildcards are allowed (*) as long as all four octets are represented – for example,
      is acceptable, but 123.45.* is not.
    • Use only one asterisk (*) per wildcard – for example,
      is acceptable, but 123.45.67.** is not.
    • Partial IP ranges are not supported (e.g., Instead, either list each IP separately, or just enter the entire range.
    • Separate multiple entries with commas. For example:, 123.45.68.*, 123.49.*.*
  4. Click the save icon at the top of the page. Your changes will take effect immediately.

How do I configure proxy server authentication for off-campus users?

To configure one or more proxy servers for off-campus access, follow these steps:
  1. Login and then choose the My Account tab.
  2. Click Account Information, and then scroll toward the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Institutional Information, add the IP address(es) of your proxy server(s) to the list of Authorized IP Addresses, separated by commas (see the other FAQ on this topic).
  4. Under Proxy Server Information, fill in the hostname for your proxy server. This should be a full-qualified domain name (FQDN), such as:
  5. If you have multiple proxy servers or other information relative to your configuration, please provide those details in the Proxy Server Information field.
  6. Click the save icon at the top of the page. Your changes will not take effect immediately, as some manual configuration is necessary on our servers in order to recognized requests from your proxy server(s). Please allow 24 hours or one business day for your changes to be effective. If you encounter issues with your proxy server configuration after that period of time, please use the Support link at the bottom of this site to send us an e-mail.
  7. Configure your own proxy server(s) to proxy all traffic that goes to all of the following domains: eBioMEDIA.com, www.eBioMEDIA.com, and drm.iriseducation.org

    A sample configuration known to work on EZproxy to proxy traffic is provided below:
    URL www.eBioMEDIA.com/institutions
    DomainJavaScript eBioMEDIA.com
    DomainJavaScript dma.iriseducation.org

How do I integrate videos with my existing web-based systems?

The best way to achieve this is to first ensure that your IP address and proxy server authentication is working. Once you have that in place, you will be able to copy and paste the links to the videos into your course management system, booking system, or media catalog. Authentication happens behind the scenes for on-campus users, as their IP address is confirmed to be in the list of Authorized IP Addresses. If connecting from off-campus, they should be prompted by your proxy server for a username and password or other credentials.

Place the links into your secure web-based systems. This will automatically pop open new windows on the users’ computers and begin playing the content.

Depending on how your proxy server has been configured, you may need to insert a pre-pend or post-pend to the URL so that the user’s computer is instructed to send the request through your proxy server. Example links that go through a proxy server for a media link might look like the following examples:
If your institution does not have a proxy server, you will need to contact us to make other arrangements.

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